The DoD’s SkillBridge program is a fantastic initiative designed to help transitioning service members gain valuable civilian work experience and make a smoother transition from military to civilian life. DysTech has used this program since 2020, and since many of our clients are DoD, we find SkillBridge interns gain valuable skills and experience while continuing to make an impact that fulfils them.

What it is

SkillBridge is a program that connects service members in their last 180 days of service with industry partners for specific training, apprenticeships, or internships. It allows service members to gain real-world job experience in civilian career areas before officially leaving the military

Service Member Benefits

– Develop civilian work experience and skills
– Grow your network and gain industry insights
– Improve marketability and competitiveness in the civilian job market
– Make a smoother transition from military service to civilian life

Key Eligibility

Open to any service member (enlisted or officer) with 180 days or less remaining in active duty and at least 180 continuous days of service. Additional requirements may exist at the service-level (for example, the Marine Corps may have different internal requirements than the Air Force) and approval from the unit commander is required.

SkillBridge Application

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